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Some of the problems existing in the explosion-proof tool industry

Source: this site   Popularity:   The time of issue: 2013-03-02 13:22:00

The explosion-proof tools (Non-sparking Tools) is a beryllium copper alloy, aluminum-copper alloy material, special tools, suitable for coal, chemicals, oil refining, mining, petroleum, natural gas, oil depots, gas storage, and nuclear power plants, power plants, fireworks, ammunition field use of the high-risk industries such as tankers, fuel tankers, flammable and explosive working environment, the prevention of fire and explosion must select special tools.

With the rapid development of our national economy, and continuously improve the manufacturing level, China's imports from explosion-proof tools into the largest exporter of proof tools. Explosion-proof tool industry in our country, there are still a lot of problems, and bring to market some of the pitfalls and hazards, must not be ignored:

1, the unit must be used not to know that you should use; bought some units not just for show payable checks.
2, the production company does not perform national standard or non-standard production products all year round for routine testing; production companies without the proof tools Testing Center of State Light Industry detection (authority), but to the other non-accreditation of testing organizations.
3, inaccurate components used in the production of materials, the product surface copper plating, to smear copper powder, Yijiachongzhen the deception user.
National standard of proof tools products covering the surface with the year the production of explosion-proof tools product type does not match, many standard products.