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Explosion-proof tools and regulations

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The explosion and fire accidents, some developed countries to develop appropriate laws and regulations to regulate the industry safety prevention in high-risk industries and some industries in the presence of flammable, explosive working environment. More in our high-risk industries, but still does not sound appropriate laws and regulations, in the enforcement of laws and regulations at the same time there are also a lot of loopholes. Once the accident will bring great loss to the community and businesses, also brought great suffering to individuals and families.

With the improvement of China's legal system, China will also enact appropriate laws and regulations to constrain the safe production of specification high-risk industries, the relevant departments to strengthen supervision and inspection efforts in the implementation process. These circumstances on the other hand requires the standardization of the explosion-proof tool industry, and promote the formulation and improvement of the standard of proof tools.
type of explosion-proof tools and management

China now has 20 years of experience in production of explosion-proof tools varieties of its products include hand tools, lifting tools, etc., and has more than 100 varieties, thousands of pieces of specifications, commonly used in high-risk situations. Individual enterprises according to their own needs, and professionals to site field trips organized by the production unit, and then identify design applications to ensure the needs of the enterprise.
Proof tools is a special security special tools, which itself has the features and characteristics of the tool collides with the workpiece, the friction does not generate a spark. The only correct understanding of the explosion-proof tools, can be a reasonable choice, reasonable configuration. Proper use and safekeeping of the explosion-proof tools in order to give full play to the advantage of its various properties, so should pay attention to the following points:
1, explosion-proof tools is a special security protection products, to check whether the product by the Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of National Light Industry proof tools detect procurement. To really understand the scope of application of the product, performance, features and the use and maintenance methods. Should also pay strict attention to whether the product is marked with "EX" logo.
2, before the use of explosion-proof tools, first workplace combustible gases and explosion-proof test gas compared with higher after the detection of the ambient gas medium indicators for dangerous lower-level media places. Conversely, the lower-level media products passed the test can not be used in place of a higher level of danger. If there are special needs, professional bodies detection after use. The application places strict distinction between proof tools and non-explosion-proof tools, explosion-proof tools should not be deemed in non-hazardous locations ordinary tools are free to use, so as not to lose its proper performance.
3, explosion-proof tools have different nominal strength requirements should be strictly in accordance with the requirements set overload is prohibited, to avoid damage to the tool.
Proof tools quality management: explosion-proof tools should be carried out according to the national standard material chemical composition of laboratory tests of the explosion-proof performance test, mechanical properties, geometric dimensions, hardness, and permanent signs. Material samples produced each year should be sent to the State Administration of Light Industry proof tools Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for routine inspection.

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