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The ordering process

◆ 1, customers call / home business negotiations and signed a contract

◆ 2, 30% -50% deposit customers prepaid

◆ essence Mechanical seven working days of delivery to the customer designated locations (courier or freight. Remarks: single orders of less than thousands, freight borne by the customer; single ordering more than one thousand yuan, freight essence mechanical responsible for.)

◆ 4, customer receipt, inspection

◆ pay the balance

◆ 6, after-sales service

customers: focus on customer focus, to provide customers with timely information and strong support to help customers grow
Integrity: honest and trustworthy, impartial and candid
stereoregularity Societe: focus on institution building, do the specification management
Embrace Change: the breakthrough self, embrace change
dedicated to Thanksgiving: fulfill their duties, the attitude of gratitude towards work
Advocating action: vigorous and resolute, to be true to its word, the line must