the use of explosion-proof tools and explosion-proof tools
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The use and maintenance of the explosion-proof tools

Source: this site   Popularity:   The time of issue: 2013-03-01 13:33:00

1, explosion-proof tool for us to work on those flammable and explosive, easy corrosion workplace staff bring security protection, which makes our more perfect social security, but also to make our staff work more assured. Explosion-proof tools after use of our day-to-day work, there should be a proper maintenance stage, for the life of the tool is a very key role, because the maintenance of explosion-proof tools properly there can make our tools can not be long for We service. First, we need tools in a dry place to save, and to some parts of the work can not be adversely affected. The continuous tap 20 times in our day-to-day work should be processed on the tool surface attachments, before making use Kaijing Do not continuous use, in order to avoid long in the friction causes the tool to heat, so there will be may damage our tools products.

2 Kaijing surface contamination and sediments placed dry safe place to save.

, Striking Tools products, non-continuous combat, more than ten times should be appropriate intermittent, and must be promptly removed the product parts adhesion debris and then continue to use.

Knob fasteners with wrench products not exceed the force to use, but can not use the casing or bondage the other metal sticks lengthened arm, as well as with a hammer percussion (except percussion wrenches) method.

5, edge class tools should be placed inside the sink to gently touch the grinding wheel grinding, not too much force and the contact with the wheel too long.

6, in the actual operation of the knock smashing tools, you must clear the scene oxide corrosion debris and face to prevent third party impact. During normal use of aluminum-copper alloy is more suitable for atmospheric pressure and explosion conditions with less stringent requirements (such as gas stations, small oil depot, etc.) in accordance with the above performance and use. The applicability of the performance of the beryllium copper alloy explosion-proof tools (such as oil refineries, turn the gas stations, gas production plant, drilling crew, etc.).

7, before the use of the various products to remove surface oil, refer to the manual to use steel tools.

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