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Hardware tools enterprise development

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Sihui City Huatong Seiko Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of non-sparking tools,based on the original market advantage, and to consolidate the traditional hardware tools based on accelerated research and development of new products, improve the backward technology to improve the level of scientific and technological content of products, increase the added value; based on local cultural background own brand, built solid build effective channels of information and rapid response decision-making mechanism, establish a good reputation, and to provide users with high-quality products and perfect service. Develop new explosion-proof tools the platform measuring tools, magnetic tools, hand tools, boutique suite of tools, focusing on the development of upscale exquisite proof magnetic tools commonly used hardware, a combination of tools, kitchen electric tools and other products, to speed up the formation of a multi-species, multi-standard, serialized core technology and products, focused on research and development of independent intellectual property rights, to promote the successful transformation and upgrading of the structure.

keywords:Guangzhou essence machinery, the essence of machinery, explosion-proof tools