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Guangzhou JingHua machinery co., LTD

Guangzhou Jinghua Machinery Co. Ltd.

  • Contact Person:Tony
  • Contact Person:Ava
  • Email:us@china-securitytools.com
  • Tel:+86-020-81563476,
  • Fax:+86-020-81592765,
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    No. Five,Shanglin Industrial Zone,Xinjiang Town,Sihui City,Zhaoqing, Guangdong,China 526242

Guangzhou essence Machinery Co., Ltd. corporate structure

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Customer first: Focus on customer concerns, provide customers with timely information and strong support, help the customer growth

Integrity: honesty and trustworthiness, the just frank

Established regulatory Societe Generale: focus on institution building, do the standardized management

Embrace Change: breakthrough self, to embrace change

dedicated Thanksgiving: dedication to work attitude of gratitude to treat work

Advocating action: resolutely, so that makes perfect, the line must