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The use of explosion-proof tools

Source: this site   Popularity:   The time of issue: 2013-03-01 13:29:00

The explosion-proof tools and steel tools can not want to compare his performance is far less than the steel tool, example: explosion-proof types of hand tools wrench, have different nominal strength, non-use (except percussion wrenches plus casing overload outside) shall percussion, so as not to cause fracture and deformation due to overloading, the impact of normal use. Proof tools should be reasonable based on the need to choose their varieties and specifications may not be small-generation. It should also be noted that the adjustable wrench, pipe wrench, end wrenches, pay attention to the direction of the force requirements, shall be arbitrarily reverse force, use the tool with a blade, the first determination of the hardness of the workpiece itself, such as its hardness close Tools hardness careful, prohibit the use of the above tools hardness. When workpiece is tightened by the motorized, fixed or semi-permanent, long-term corrosion, and use hand tools without taking other measures, should be prohibited from using, in order to avoid damage to the tool.

The explosion-proof tools material difference between proof tools material two materials: aluminum bronze alloy copper alloy aluminum bronze alloy manufacturing explosion-proof tools: a national second-class Class B product, in a concentration of 7.8% ethylene gas environment operating without detonating gas; beryllium bronze alloy explosion-proof tools: the case of the national second-class C-class products, gas concentration of 21% hydrogen gas environment operating without detonating. Beryllium copper proof tools magnetic (magnetic to 0), so it is the ideal tool for magnetic field environment operating, the foreign customer called antimagnetic tools.

The explosion-proof tools management methods using explosion-proof tools after timely wipe clean, such as long-term without the appearance of the explosion-proof tools coated with oil or corrosion methods to save and load the bags or inward storage. Some wear some proof tools after use and incomplete, especially with the edge of the explosion-proof tools, or serious damage, and should continue to use, it is timely to enter the waste.

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