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The explosion-proof tools and specialty tools

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A very simple kind of proof tools :

1, aluminum-copper alloy (commonly known as aluminum bronze) explosion-proof tools, specific materials based on high purity electrolytic copper matrix by adding the appropriate amount of aluminum, nickel, manganese, iron and other metals, composed of copper-based alloy.

2, beryllium copper alloy (commonly known as beryllium copper) explosion-proof tools, specific materials based on high purity electrolytic copper matrix by adding the right amount of beryllium, nickel metal composed of copper-based alloy. The thermal conductivity of the two materials, conductive properties are very good. The same can reach HRC30o, just slightly higher than beryllium bronze aluminum bronze magnetic hardness and wear resistance after heat treatment of aluminum bronze, and beryllium copper, but they belong to the scope of the micromagnetic, aluminum bronze, beryllium copper can be applied to strong magnetic field environment.

Low hardness of aluminum-bronze tools, but the job object in general is enough, do not need super torque basic competent proof tools, such as aluminum bronze. Moreover, the explosion-proof tools on the market, the price of aluminum-bronze tools than the beryllium bronze proof tools is relatively low, but also about 20 percent lower, from a professional standpoint, not special requirements, under normal circumstances, environment of the flammable gas ethylene (concentration 7.8%), aluminum-bronze tools, and so can not only save costs, but also to complete their work. Course, beryllium bronze proof tools than for the higher hardness, the applicable face hardness HRC35 ° tensile strength δ b> 105-120kgf/mm2, space use in flammable gas hydrogen (21% concentration) more effective to avoid sparking. Increase the security level and intensity of the work. But the price is relatively aluminum-bronze tools is relatively expensive. Of course, quality should be a little better.

Special tools: general by the manufacture of special types of steel, large equipment on large heavy-duty steel tools, such as large heavy box wrench, wrenches, especially percussion wrench, shaped tool. In accordance with the drawings or construction intent of making the production of specialty hand tools. Differentiated and civilian hardware tools. Higher hardness, even larger and more thick, wide range of application. Steel Adjustable Wrench, steel percussion box wrenches, steel percussion end wrenches, steel F wrench, steel hexagonal crowbar. Top thimble, listen, needles, and so on!

Therefore, the demand procurement is critical. More critical is the need to find a place that can provide affordable products. Honest business, reasonable profit. Reject profits, standardize the market.

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